We bring teachers and ministry to the rural areas of Kwazulu-Natal.

These are local and international teachers and speakers, who are equiped to assist the people of South Africa.

  • At a minimum of twice per year, we bring a group of teachers from the U.S.A. or elsewhere and local teachers.
  • We spend a weekend equipping / delivering at least 6 teachings to the area which we are in.
  • Educating leaders, the congregation, and whom every wants to be a part of this conference.
  • We have found while doing this these people are really hungry to know the truth and be set free of their religious misconceptions.
  • Should there be any organization in Kwazulu Natal who will be requiring this service, feel free to contact us. We are willing to do rural areas, we like tents and revival meetings.
  • We are willing, ready and apt to assist you and your organization.