Clothes Bank

Please help us clothe the Poor and the Needy. How many “garments” do we have in our wardrobes that is moth food? By donating them to us we can distribute them among those who are in tatters. People are the LORD’s hands on earth. YOU can clothe someone from the warmth of your heart to the warmth of their bodies or just to make them feel better about themselves and the Provider.  

  • In the winter we find little children without clothes! We then mix and match until we have something that fits them. The need for decent, warm, usable clothing, is just growing and growing monthly!
  • Every piece of clothing that we fit on a child’s body gets donated to us, from either the U.S.A. or from local churches and private people. Many businesses have given into this worthy cause.
  • We also try to give clothing to the poor living on the street whenever we have the parcels available. During Christmas we distribute thousands of articles of clothing to needy people.
  • You too can help by collecting clothes and blankets so we can hand them out!
  • Don’t you think that there are some clothes in your closet that can be donated?

Help our Clothes Bank

You can get in touch with our office and arrange a way to send the clothes to Missions Ablaze.