For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ. 1 Cor 3:11

Through your contribution you can "Parent" one or more of these Orphans!

For the past 12 years we have been feeding, clothing and educating the orphans at 3 different orphanages. We have spent  thousands of Rand, repairing the premises of one of these orphanages.

In our Vision, it has always been the plan to build a Care Centre, and have the orphans that we are serving now to stay at the new venue! This dream is being realized through the donations which have been received through the mercy and grace of the the Lord.

In 2005 we have acquired land from the council in Ntuzuma, to build the Ablaze Care Center on! This orphanage will be for Doreen, as we have been supporting her for the past 12 years, with her 45 orphans!!


Almost all of the orphans that we oversee have lost their parents as a result of aids, and they have no other place to go.

These little ones and many more like them - living on the streets - will be housed in the Care Centres that Missions Ablaze are erecting with the blessings of the LORD.


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The building operations have started, we need quite a lot of money to complete it, if  you are led by GOD to take part in this project why don't you contact Tinus?



The Latest Update on the Lord's Care Centre  at Ntuzuma (August 2009)



Currently the following items shown below remain outstanding awaiting funding:


As you can see from the above: We have been generously and lavishly blessed with this Care Center. More Prayers and Funds Will be required to complete this worthy mission.


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